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Deciduous Trees for sale

Find trees for sale, all types, at a tree nursery near me. Choose from container grown shade trees, native hardwoods, fruit, evergreens and other varieties. Landscape beautification includes Hardy shrub roses, small fruits, holly shrubs and other evergreen bushes, available at Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Founded in 2001 as a conifer and deciduous tree nursery, Nature Hills started as a local tree nursery near me in Omaha, Nebraska, serving a limited geographical area. The company has evolved and progressed over the years in response to customer demand for high quality tree nursery products. Live Trees for sale, Over 150 species.

Christmas tree shopping is usually a seasonal event, but live trees for sale in other species can be found year around at Nature Hills tree nursery. Your landscaping team will be able to locate available palm trees, fruit trees, willow and magnolia trees, to name just a few. In fact, just about all types of trees can be found here, except for the family tree. The Christmas tree shop opens early every year, for those who want to plan ahead. They continue to improve online capabilities and expand landscaping product offerings. Buy Fruit Trees Online

shop for flowering Dogwood trees

What makes a great front yard shrub? Is it the flowers, foliage, growth habit, height, or some combination of all characteristics? Before answering this question, you should ask yourself what exactly you are looking for in a front yard shrub. If you have just moved into a newly built house, you might be starting with a blank canvas. If you are looking to fill up a particular spot, some shrubs will work better than others. Nature Hills has extended offerings outside the tree and shrub products, to include perennials, rose bushes and other plants, as well as flower bulbs, seeds and a complete garden center. They continue to expand products to meet the needs of landscapers and customers everywhere. Nature Hills Nursery Weekly Specials

Crape Myrtle tree varieties offer a huge range of flowers, including white, pink, red, purple and every shade in between. Many are punctuated with a brilliant yellow center for sassy charm.

These spectacular colors are showcased in mid- to late summer. This is when each branch is tipped with a 6- to 12-inch cluster of red, pink, white, lavender or purple delicate flowers. Springs in rich and lustrous, purple-red and plum hues. They then change colors to brilliant crimson-reds in summer. Autumn can bring fiery reds onto the scene as well! The color saturation is truly a wonder to behold!

Apple tree growing is easy and very rewarding. Apple trees look gorgeous in spring with pretty white flowers. You will look forward to the harvest as your trees hit their full stride in maturity.

Growing your own Apple trees makes a huge difference in the taste. It is so comforting to know exactly how the fruit was grown. Fresh fruit is simply better and tastier than bin stored apples that are sold in supermarkets. Consider the taste and how will use the fruit, when selecting from the many varieties of Apple trees.

No one can overlook the regal Maple (genus Acer) with its dozens of tree species. Some grow quite tall; while others stay small and compact. On offer are the most popular species of beautiful Maples for sale in the United States. This includes the Sugar Maple trees, Red Maple tree, Silver Maple, Japanese Maple, and the Black Maples.

Many types of Maple trees are native to North America and are valued for their shade, wood, sap, and ornamental landscape qualities.

Fast Growing Trees for Sale

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Planters and Containers

Boxwood Shrubs

Steady growth over the years has remained tied to the Nature Hills Nursery mission: to continually improve all aspects of business in order to exceed nationwide customers expectations. Nature Hills strives to offer one of the largest selections of high quality live plants and related products, complete with extensive plant information, while maintaining an exceptional level of customer service. They will not sacrifice personal attention given customers because of expanded growth.

They are proudly protected by Plant Sentryâ„¢, an online service that ensures they remain in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations. They will block shipments of plant materials to, or from, quarantined areas for regulated plant diseases and invasive plants to protect you and your community.

While they are still mostly a family operation, we are proud of the strides they have made in customer satisfaction through expanded offerings and enhanced capabilities. Their many successes are attributed to marketing healthy and competitively priced tree nursery products as well as making sure each item shipped comes complete with planting, care and storage instructions. They even guarantee all products. Order live bushes & shrubs. Over 70 live species.

Thanks for considering Nature Hills as a source for your landscaping needs. With high demand and limited inventory, they are not currently offering wholesale pricing or bidding projects for 2021. Please check back as they look forward to restarting the wholesale program soon. Enjoy shopping online. We are happy you have chosen a tree nursery near me. Come back often!

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