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FIRST, let me suggest you PRINT THIS PAGE. Keep the hard copy from your printer, because you do not want to lose this information.

SECOND if you think I'm going to throw a lot of hype and hog-wash at you ... you're mistaken! Every word on this page is the truth, yet many may find it hard to believe!

RightStuff is North America's most profitable Thoroughbred handicapping method which has been marketed and tested by over 6,000 horseplayers from coast-to-coast and Canada too.

Right Stuff actually received highly favorable ratings from Philips' Racing newsletter in May of 1992 - and the public response since then has been nothing short of overwhelming. Since its Public Release in 1992, we have actually received thousands of UNSOLICITED endorsements from people who purchased the rightstuff system and soon enjoyed instant betting success at the track, or their nearby OTB. Below is just a small sampling.

We have NEVER asked any one to send a testimonial.


Sent: Sunday, April 7, 2013 10:36 PM
Subject: Re: The Right Stuff/The Right Price

Hi Bob,

I finally had a chance to play some races using The Right Stuff and The Right Price today. I played 8 races. I thought you would like to see the results of your methods.

Race #3...Aqueduct....Bet $2 to WPS on the 4 horse "Battier" and he won...I collected $41.60.

Race #8...Keeneland..Bet $2 to WPS on the 1A horse "Emotional Kitten" (SPOT PLAY) and he won. I collected $32.40.

Race #5--Mountaineer..Bet $2 to win on #2 AND #8 and played a $2 Exacta 2-8/2-3-6-8-10. #2 won and I hit the 2/10 exacta, total collected was $33.80.

Race #8-Mountaineer...Bet $2 to WPS on #7 "Doll Dreams" and she won at 22-1, I collected a cool $61.60.

Race #9 at Mountaineer...Bet $2 to win on #2 AND #10, played a $2 exacta 1-3-4/1-2-3-4-10. #10 won at 9-1 and I collected $20.60.

I did not collect anything on the other 3 races. All said, I wagered $78.00 and won $190.00 for a $112.00 profit!

Very impressed with your methods. The Keeneland race was on Turf, not dirt, and the Spot Play worked really well. And I never would have bet on a 22-1 horse but the numbers did not lie!

Christmas at the Races!

Ed W., Cleveland, OH

Here is an unsolicited testimonial, Oct. 25, 2008, from a client in Las Vegas:

I just have completed 9 races on an old Racing Form for Arlington, 2 more from Turfway Park, and it is weird to run the 'ratings' for those 11 races and then go look at the results. Turfway was an amazing TWO for TWO as The Right Stuff picked the winners in both #1 and #2 races that I picked randomly! Damn man! Would have had a Daily Double of $83. This system outperforms a piece of software I purchased two months ago that cost 3x what I paid for yours. Please keep Right Stuff to a limit of sales!
Scott N., Las Vegas, NV.


Here is another testimonial from a different Las Vegas client:

Enclosed are the results yesterday (Apr.14,2001) at Santa Anita and Aqueduct. 5 winners at Santa Anita, cold D.D. (daily double), 3 cold exactas and the Best Bet of the Day (Bonotto) $14.40 to win. At Aqueduct, 5 winners, cold Pick 3, and Best Value Play, Cold Express $14.80 in 6th race. To say you have the best product is an understatement. Yours is the BEST $40 I ever invested.
Many Thanks!
Bob S., Las Vegas, NV.


This unsolicited testimonial was received on May 30,2002:
I received your system and started paper testing it on last weekend's races at several tracks. While I have only handicapped about 10 races, if the results hold up, your statements regarding the performance of your system appear to be well justified. I Especially appreciated your statements that the system is not perfect. I was testing another horse racing system that looked like it would give 60% success but it didn't hold up. I remember thinking that if only I could get a system that would do 60% consistently, I could make a lot of money over time. Looks like you supplied it. Thanks for your honesty and your systems.
Alan P., Phoenix, AZ


Here's even more praise from a client who lives in Florida:

"Just a note to say "Hi" and give you an update on your method "The Right Stuff". I bought your system in June 1993, and have been very successful in using it these past few years. As it is, the method stands above any method I have ever used. I have just retired from Calder, Gulfstream and Hialeah, after working at these tracks for 25 years in the concessions. I have plenty of time now to attend the tracks. Take care of yourself and thanks for putting me on a good thing."
James P., Hollywood,FL


Believe it or not! The testimonials you have just read are authentic yet tame - compared to copies of original unsolicited testimonials which are included with your order. They are intended to give your confidence an added boost when you begin using the methods for real betting purposes. You won't have to ask for them. It's automatic, and a xerox copy of the testimonial from Bob S.,. of Las Vegas, will also be included as PROOF that ordinary horse racing handicappers can suddenly turn into professional winners when they have The Right Stuff

The RULES can be applied to all claiming and allowance races. It produces a numerical rating for each horse in the race. Sometimes there is a STANDOUT, a horse with a number that TOWERS over his closest competitor. Other times, there will be a highly competitive race, where two or three horses have ratings within one or three points of each other.

The ratings are uniform (everyone will arrive at the same number), and although some handicappers prefer to do their own interpretation, based on the types of bets they make (Exactas, Trifectas, Pick 3's, Pick 6's, etc), it produces the best results when the bet is made to WIN and PLACE on the top-rated horse. The second best horse may be only 1 point shy of the top rated selection, and at higher odds, and should also be considered if the top rated selection has low odds of 5/2 or less. You will find yourself with many options for profitble wagering returns.

Your purchase price of $44 for this incredibly easy-to-use and consistently winning method also brings you MY very highly rated spot-play, The RIGHT PRICE.. which can be used on ALL types of races, including Maidens and Stakes races - and which picked the Kentucky Derby winner for three years in a row, ('92,'93, and '94) each one at Boxcar prices! Although there were no picks for the years 2000, 2001, 2007 and 2008, The Right Price did pick the Kentucky Derby winners LIL E.T., GO FOR GIN, SEA HERO, THUNDER GULCH, SILVER CHARM, REAL QUIET, TIAGO and GIACCOMO. "The "Right Price" is deceptively simple ... and has only 4 simple rules to follow. You'll find one or maybe two qualifiers at your track per racing day. It can not be sold by itself - ( only 4 simple rules ) but it is the BEST BONUS ever to be included with any handicapping system ... EVER!

We have made it easy for you to order online at: The Right Stuff

You can also choose to pay online by Credit Card.

If you would prefer, you can also place your order through the mail:

When ordering by mail, be sure to include your return mailing address. All money orders received are processed within 24 hours. Personal or company checks take up to 10 days to clear.
Send your check or money order in the amount of $40 for THE RIGHT STUFF, Payable to:

Robert McDaniels
1726 Twin Brooks Dr. SE
Marietta, GA 30067-7865

If you prefer the ease and convenience of buying online, just return to:
The Right Stuff

REMEMBER: You will receive BOTH highly praised and acclaimed winning handicapping methods with your order. That's TWO for the price of ONE. But, because The Right Price has only 4 simple rules, I can not put a price on it. Many clients have told me it is priceless. After it picked THREE Kentucky Derby winners in a row - each at boxcar prices - in the 90's, I have to agree with them.

I am fully retired from horse racing these days. There are no thoroughbred racetracks where I live, and I do not like traveling around as much as I once did.
You will be astounded at your own good results no matter which tracks in North America and Canada that you play!

If you have any other questions, you can also reach us by E-MAIL
Best of Luck to You!

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