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The most unusual part about this money making plan is it does not require selling any products, talking with anyone on the phone, pester friends and family, or have to work any set hours. She reveals her amazing true story here.

Quite frankly, what she does is one of the most amazing ways I have ever come across to earn a few extra hundred or even several thousand dollars each month, in your spare time without having to learn any new people skills.

If you are looking to make extra cash for retirement, or to pay off some bills, I urge you to check out what my friend is doing. Even if it is not right for you, it may make sense for one of your family members or friends. Discover this amazing secret.

money making secret

Garage Sales Treasure

Pick almost any city or town in the country. Drive through any middle class neighborhood, or residential area, on the weekend. You will be sure to spot at least a half dozen garage selling venues. What's being sold? For Sale is the accumulated junk no longer wanted, that is soon to be discarded. It is simply taking up valuable space around their homes. Are people making any fast cash with these sales? You had better believe they are making money!

It is not at all uncommon to make $600, or more, with a weekend yard selling venture. Is it hard to put on a profitable selling day? Well, yes and No. It really does take some of your time. It also requires an awareness of a few merchandising tactics. But the problems in running a successful sales day is small, compared to the big profits one can reap.

Who are the buyers, and how do you get these bargain hunrers to come to your yard sales? Your customers are going to be everybody, and you get them over to your location with a little bit of cheap advertising and smart promotion. Flyers , naming date, time and address, posted on telephone poles around the neighborhood will pull in a crowd.

Here is the background: Everyone accumulates the kind of garage selling items that other people are searching for, and are willing to buy. These items range from no longer wanted or outgrown items of clothing, to furniture, tools, old toys, knick-knacks, novelties and notions, books, pictures and collectors items. Many products are objects of merchandise purchased on impulse, and later found to be not what the buyer wanted. Many items found at these sales are gifts that have been given to the seller, but were the wrong size or incorrect choice.

The problem with many is that they lack the time to gather up all the items and stage a garage sale to get rid of their junk. Many do not know how to conduct a neighborhood sales event. Most would feel that putting on a garage sale is just too much bother. This is where you enter the picture. Your enterprise will be an ongoing garage sale of items donated and collected from these very same neighbors who lack the inclination to plan and put on a garage sale of their very own.

Step one is education: Spend a few days visiting all the yard sales, swap meets and flea markets in your area. Discover what is being offered for sale, what people are buying, and how the merchandise is being sold. Usually, an item is tagged with a price, but the seller is open to almost any reasonable offer. Another thing you want to make a mental note of is the way the merchandise is displayed and how the customers are allowed to browse.

Start your own garage sale by cleaning out your basement, attic, closets and storage sheds. Talk to people, relatives and friends. Tell them what you are planning. Ask for donations of no longer used or unwanted items. It is here where you will get experience in negotiating.

Finally, secure an agreement to display and sell other peoples merchandise for a percentage of the price. You will find people explaining that they really do not have a use for a specific item, or they really do not want to keep storing it, but because of sentimental reasons, just hate to give it away.

Once you have experience with this type of seller, you will be able to advertise in the local newspaper that you buy yard sale items, or take them on consignment for a percentage of the final sales price. Remind your consignor that 50% of something is worth more than 100% of nothing. Put it in writing that you will split any dollar amount over an established minimum. Keep a notepad nearby to list every consignor item, and a minimum amount for which it can be sold.

All sales are final, sold as is, with no warranty expressed or implied. Have the Buyer sign a receipt showing how much he paid for the item and the date of sale. If anyone questions your paperwork, remind them this IS a business. Do everything by the book.

Keep good records to avoid any problems caused by others when you make too much money. Don't forget: One mans trash is another mans treasure.

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