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New Babies Gift Shopping Ideas

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Great Parenting Advice

Every mother, or father, I have ever known wanted to be the very best parent possible, but sometimes they had doubts as to what they were doing... and whether or not it was best for children. Good parental skills are learned. No one is born with parenting skill. Aside from ninety year old Grandparents, who may be filled with experience, where should one go for good parenting advice and tips?

There are hundreds of helpful parenting websites. Which ones offer the best resources for overwhelmed parents? Take a look at websites we have found that contain really useful parental tips.

Gerber Foods, the babies food manufacturer, has an excellent website filled with information on parental issues for those with infants to toddler-age children. Especially helpful is a Parent Resource Center, a 24/7 live help forum for parental questions and problems that might arise in the middle of the night. Get help with problem areas occuring in the more civilized hours.

This successful website is for anyone seeking good parental tips for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Find very helpful advice on handling toddlers, as well as older ones reaching different learning stages. There is even additional free advice on keeping your resolve when it becomes a battle of wills. In addition, find valuable nutritional information, healthy recipes, as well as kids activity ideas. Here is an invaluable resource.

Parents of teenagers will also appreciate free parenting tips. Believe it or not, todays teens do not want their Parents to be their Friends. They already have plenty of friends. They want their parents to be... PARENTS! As well as articles, there are self-tests that allow Moms and Dads to measure the effectiveness of their techniques. Another highlight of the site is the open parent/teen forum that gives both teens and adults the chance to share their thoughts. If it takes tough love to steer your teenager away from drug using friends, by all means... be TOUGH!

Work at home moms can sometimes feel isolated. Share ideas with like-minded moms and dads. Read from many helpful articles. Visit an active parents forum. Browse a section containing job leads, featuring telecommuting positions and freelancing gigs.

Finally, for those times when one needs to lighten up, there is Parents Humor, a well written website, dedicated to the lighter side of life as a parent. Remember this : you are not alone. Every parent needs advice from time to time.

There are now thousands of parent resources online. From workshops to forums, a wealth of knowledge is available to parents with children of any age. In case you are over 30 something, unemployed and broke. Your son or daughter has temporarily moved back in, due to the economy. Remember how often you were quick to tell them: "You will ALWAYS be my baby."

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