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Road Trip Vacations Can Be Fun

We all need a break once in a while. It is a simple fact that the human species can not tolerate endless stress. We all have breaking points. So before the stress of daily living begins to overwhelm the family, go on a vacation to clear your head. You might think that a vacation would be wonderful, but you simply can not afford one right now. Well, if you are serious about taking a break from the daily routine, plan a low cost road trip vacation.

There are many ways to relax and enjoy vacation fun time, even on tight budgets. Some people will say that vacation road trips belong in the past. It is now all about flying to faraway lands, visiting expensive theme parks and splurging on extravagant entertainment. However, in our present economy, finding a cheap way to go for family entertainment is very important. Road trips facilitate the family vacation experience, beginning immediately when pulling out of your driveway.

As high as gas prices become, it is still cheaper to just take your own car rather than flying. Depending on when, and where you go, plane tickets can still be really expensive. Then there is the fact that you have to pay for a rental car and lodging. All these expenses can be removed by simply going on a road trip.

Taking a short road trip takes a lot of planning, even more so than a traditional vacation. This is part of the reason why people say Road trips for family vacations may be in the past. What point is a vacation if it takes so much effort? While it does take some effort, it does not take that much more, and in the long run it can happily be worth it.

Some tips for a cheap, yet fun road trip are to take a large cooler and lots of food. If you can avoid eating out on your trip, you will save so much money. Eating out on vacations are one of the single largest expenses, so avoiding it is a huge plus.

You can also turn your road trip into a camping trip by taking along a large tent. Camping out is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors, and it also saves the expenses of hotel rooms. Even if you stay at a camp ground, they are often significantly cheaper than any roadside motel. For bathing, you can find shower facilities at a lot of the larger rest stops and camp grounds.

Another tip to save money on your road trip is to refuel on gas often. By keeping your tank topped up you can afford to look around for the best prices using the Internet if available (a lot of cell phones have applications for this very purpose). Prices can vary quite significantly, allowing you to find the best deals.

While some people want to say that vacation road trips belong in the past, they can still work. Really, they can work better now then ever before, given how expensive a traditional vacation has become, just how tight our money supply is dwindling, due to sky rocketing inflation and the looming recession.

Choose a nearby destination no more than a three hour drive from home. IF you live near lakes and streams, or have access to public resorts or scenic picnic areas, try to learn as much about the attraction as possible. Along the way, invite the children to play engaging games with fun to be had by all. Share a lot of laughs before you reach the closest beach, State Park, amusement park, or historic landmark.

You still have time to plan a family road trip to a nearby destination, preferably within a 3 hour drive from your home. Make it an adventure and choose State Parks, local attractions, or inexpensive campgrounds where the family can share exciting moments in a safe environment. If you should choose an overnight stay in a comfortable motel, make sure it has a swimming pool, or hot tub, and let the kids splish and splash until they wear themselves out. You will hear all about how much fun they had on the short drive home.

For August 2022, we present, with video help from, some enjoyable vacation destinations to consider, all within a 4 hour drive from metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia. Perhaps you will be inspired to take your own Road Trip while there is still time to enjoy the warm weather.

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