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Top Site Awards Showcase

Award winning websites showcased as top site winners on the Internet. Nominate your website. Visit most recently listed winners.

Congratulations have been sent to the below listed top websites. Our Top Site Award was bestowed upon them for their valuable contribution to the Internet. Featured award winning sites are Family friendly, Fast to Load, Safe for all Web Browsers, with Valued Content for their targeted audience. The World Wide Web would soon become an empty place to visit without Original, Creative Websites.

September 2019 Search Public Records and get the shocking facts on anyone. Forget what you learned in school. This is real Science. Mixed drink recipes and drinking games for the sober ones. Entertainment that makes you want to see more. Learn something new every day. Choose from hundreds of topics.

August 2019 This free App will help put you to sleep. How Entrepreneurs and Creators are so much alike. Your support of rescued baby elephants is needed. Get real help in finding a place of your own to call Home. Why a former investor says Facebook creates the biggest problem for Democracy.

July 2019 Fresh, and often hilarious, look at life through the movies. It is NOT climate change; the Poles are shifting. Prepare: planet Earth will soon experience a full Pole shift. Build a professional website in 5 minutes or Go have fun in this world. Have the time of your life!

Visit our award winners and see for yourself why EACH was selected for WELL DESERVED RECOGNITION.

We enjoy recommending top sites that are fast loading, with original content, displaying cool graphics, and which have solid HTML code. If you feel your website qualifies, nominate it now for inclusion NEXT MONTH. No personal home pages, hate, nor offensive sites will be considered.

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