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Featured award winning websites are Family friendly, Fast to Load, Safe for all Web Browsers, with Valued Content for their targeted audience.

The World Wide Web has become a "cookie cutter" clutter of Word Press, Wix, Shopify and mini Amazon sites, all determined to sell something to someone, somehow. For this reason, we are staying with to find original content that will be worthwhile for every Internet visitor. Hopefully, you will enjoy each minute of your visit.

YouTube has many life changing and inspiring speeches recommended for November ... and lessons to be learned to carry you through for the rest of your life. Too often, for many of us, the only thing standing in the way of our success is buried deep within us. In short, we place needless limits on ourselves.

For November 2021, we have discovered wisdom from Achievers in the form of motivational speakers and truly successful Entrepreneurs who wanted to share their secrets. Will you be able to change your life for the better by taking advice from someone willing and able to guide you to succeed? Do not lose this free opportunity to learn from proven Achievers.

We do love YouTube and rank its content as the Best to be found anywhere. To make your visit more enjoyable, be SURE to click the SKIP ADS button when it appears on screen, and click the BACK Button after each video concludes. You will then be returned to this page for your next video selection.

November 2021 - Be Thankful!

You Will Never Be Poor Again Start Doing This TODAY!

How to Succeed in Life Billionaire Dan Pena's Ultimate Advice for Students & Young People

One of the Greatest Speeches Ever! Steve Jobs Reveals All

How to Change Your Future Life Advice for Millennials

36 Life Changing Quotes from Mark Twain that are Worth Hearing!

October 2021 - Trick or Treat!

Scariest Ghost Towns in the USA

12 Most Mysterious Ghost Ships

Top Ten Haunted Houses for Sale

15 Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist

Ten Mysterious Places in the United States (Scary)

Take a break from the mundane. RELAX and ENJOY the best song and dance performances in Hollywood Musicals, which you may have missed the first time around. Do you see your favorite?

September 2021 - More YouTube Honors Continue

Everythings Up to Date in Kansas City (Oklahoma, 1955)

America! (West Side Story, 1961)

Lot of Livin to Do (Bye Bye Birdie, 1963)

Consider Yourself (Oliver, 1968)

Sha Na Na, Hand Jive & dance competition (Grease, 1978)

Visit our award winners and see for yourself why EACH was selected for WELL DESERVED RECOGNITION.

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