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Why Some Believe Money is Evil

It is written in the Holy Bible that love of money is the root of all evil. Yes, it could be, but most people who are familiar with this warning believe it is money, itself, that is the root of all evil. Love has nothing to do with it. We need money for our lifestyle, to pay for our needs. If used well, money is the greatest material asset one can hold. But, if you let yourself get carried away with the needless things and services money can buy, without proper usage, having too much money could result in negative outcomes.

Money could be gifts from an angel and save us from worries, giving one a comfortable life for doing charitable acts, helping those in need of comfort and life restoration. Winning a huge Powerball lottery worth hundreds of millions of dollars, for example, could bring out the best in all of us, as we give to those in need who are not as fortunate; hurricane victims, and other survivors of natural disasters come to mind.

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On the other hand, desiring too much money can often lead to a worsening series of unintended consequences.

Money could be the source of the guts needed to venture into gambling and other forms of skeptical activities. This may further result in dreaded outcomes.

With more money, materialism is also growing. Too much of it could cause negative effects, such as triggering greed and selfishness.

People become too reliant on money and laziness or tardiness are triggered. This, of course, plunges downward the dignity of work.

Money becomes the cause of selfishness and greed for most modern day people. With the wrong perception that money will make one feel happy and secure, some people will covet it above all else.

Some relationships are broken due to disagreement in money matters. Feuds blow up, and can get nasty, when money is at stake.

Money can come easily in the form of prizes. Some people tend to rely on their luck by playing games of chance, thus becoming too impatient to work for financial reward.

Fraud in the government, or workplace, becomes an option for some to commit corruption because of the possibility of embezzling money.

As we want you to understand, it is not money that is evil. How people see and consider money is what matters most. Through time, money has become the wrong focus of many good people. Due to many reasons beyond control, much misery wraps itself around the world. It all falls back to the fact that a majority of people around the globe has the belief that money buys everything, and for that single reason, money influences everyone.

In a shallow world, these beliefs may seem true but beneath the earthly clouds, there are some things that money buys which can make life easier for many others. Money, by itself, does not deserve to be tagged as evil.

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