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Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid : When the Truth Always Hurts

Being in love, and beginning a new relationship, is a beautiful thing. Long term relationships are usually based on love, trust and honesty. Even if honesty is very important in a relationship, it may sometimes be hurtful.

There are some things that can not be told to a female partner because it may hurt her, or cause her to change an opinion about you. For example, some bad things you have done in the past that will make her look at you in a new light, should never be told, no matter how much honesty is at stake.

Even if you love her very much and your relationship is peaceful, some things that affect relationships should be kept secret. Sometimes you can best show your love by keeping your mouth shut. So, before you start to be too confident and direct with her, take a look at these stupid things that destroy relationships.

Never tell her she is getting fat.

Even if this is true, you can not tell her. It will make her feel very insecure. She may think you do not like her anymore. Think about how she would feel if you were to say: '' Honey, you could stand to lose a little weight ''. Let her decide when it is the time to lose weight because, she will do it without you hurting her. In most cases when a man tells his girlfriend that she is getting fat, he will soon get dumped.

Do not tell her how your mother would have done things.

For many men, their mothers always represented a model in life, but we have to admit that all families are different. We have been raised by different kinds of parents and in different ways of life.

Everyone is taught to do things their own way, and that is why you can not ask your girlfriend to do things, or to live like your mother. A woman will have her own views and opinions, and all you can do about this is to tell her stories about how you were raised and how things have been done in your family. You should adapt to her way of living, without comparing her with your perfect Mom.

Do not tell her that you like to visit your Mom a lot.

Maybe in that moment you love your mother more than her, but you do not have to express it. She may think she is competing with your Mom, or worst, that you are depending on Mommy. It is not at all in your favor. Most Girlfriends do not like a Mamas Boy.

Do not criticize her when she is trying hard to do her best.

This is the worst thing you can do. If she is trying hard to do the best things and you begin to criticize her, she will be hurt. She will feel disappointed that you do not appreciate her for trying her best. So you should get over it, and offer to help her in doing that job. Maybe next time she will be doing better. Or maybe next time, cooking entire meals will be your role in life with her.

Never tell her Your family does not like her.

Even if your family dislikes her, it is better to not tell her because she will eventually get angry and become insecure. This will create future problems and tension between her and your family. All you can do is to let your family know that she is the one you have chosen and they have to respect your decision. They may then change their minds about her.

Do not remind her about your Ex in a special moment.

Never, ever, compare your dating nights or things you do together, with the ones you did with your Ex. It might happen when you go with her to places where you went with your ex. It is a hurtful thing for her to see that you are still thinking about the other. Also, never compare her to your Ex, while in bed. She will feel bad to learn that the other was better than she in the bedroom. No woman wants to be compared to another, in any respect.

Do not admit that you have done bad things in your past.

If she does not already know about your bad past, keep your mouth shut. If you tell her that you cheated on previous girlfriends, for example, she will soon develop a totally bad opinion about you. Some things are better left unsaid.

Never tell her that a football game is more important for you than her.

Even if is an important game, like the Super Bowl, do not tell her to leave you alone. Do not tell her you have no time for her. Just smile and pretend that you are listening, and... try to catch the key words. She might ask you what she was saying, in order to test you.

Do not tell her that you hate her friends.

Because she has known her friends a longer time than she has known you, it is not a good idea to tell her that you do not like her friends. Never say something bad about them. She may get angry. Pretend you like them and everything will work out fine.

Do not tell her to relax when she is upset and angry.

When she is very upset, scared, or even angry the worst thing you can do is to tell her to relax. This will make her angrier because she will think you are not taking her seriously. If you upset her by telling her to relax, she will realize you are denying that she has a reason to be upset.

Do not tell her that you are insecure.

In a relationship, or when dating, women are most often looking for a strong and confident man. If you are insecure, or jealous, because she has a better salary than yours, you will have to keep this to yourself. She does not have to know it.

Do not declare your love during a fight.

These three little words, I love you , mean a lot to a woman. That is why they should only be said at the right moment. Many guys say this during a fight with their partner, at the worst moment ever. Let us say you feel guilty, amd want her forgiveness, so you declare your love for her. It is a wrong move. She will not believe a word of what you say because she considers that if you really loved her you would not upset her. You may say you love her, but do so but only after your fight is over.

Do not tell her that you like her girlfriend.

Maybe one of her girlfriends is very beautiful. If you say that her best friend looks good, she will feel hurt, angry and will never trust you around her friend. So keep it secret and make sure not to be obvious.

If you want to have a long and strong relationship, you should not permit things you might say to destroy it. Do not be completely honest. Keep her in the dark, rather than reveal your true feelings. Remember, truth hurts. When it comes to Women, it is better to be the Strong and Silent type. Especially the SILENT type who knows it is always best to keep some things (like most things) to yourself.

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