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How to Quit Smoking in 72 Hours or Less

If you are still a Smoker, it is time to quit! You are already a scourge to society, a second class citizen who abdicated your rights long ago. Soon, you will not be allowed to light up in the solitary comfort of your own home. That day will be coming soon. As it now stands, cigarettes and other tobacco products are no longer allowed to be consumed in public spaces like neighborhood Parks, City Sidewalks and/or ocean front Beaches. You will not be a second class citizen much longer, it will get worse. When the price of a pack of smokes goes up again, YOUR cost for this expensive habit will skyrocket. Believe it!

All it takes for the price of cigarettes to rise by just a little bit, is for the local politicians to raise local taxes in order to fund another giveaway program. When politcians, Democrats and Republicans alike, decide to raise taxes, they are not amateurs. They know who to pick on and when. Smokers are now the frequent targets of prejudice and bias. If it seems like i am defending them, I am. I never did like Bullies. And I do not really care much for Politicians either. Never met one with an original idea. Well, maybe just one.

Here is how I gave up that nasty smoking habit after fifty years of huffing and puffing away. I called upon my strongest inner resource for help. You have a helpful resource too... it is your Brain. When you must make a decision of any sort, yout brain will be there to help. After telling myself (and anyone else who would listen) that I was giving cigarettes up, I had to choose a date.. about 5 days into the future. On the first day of the month (it was July), I told friends, family, neighbors, coworkers that I would be QUITING smoking on the 5th day of July. In fact I told everyone who would listen, even told the clerk at the convenience store as I purchased my last pack of Winston regular on July 4th. "I will be quitting smoking forever tomorrow", I told her as I paid $4.50 in cash, for my last pack of smokes. "Good for you" she said, as she rang the register.

Fireworks kept me up late in my final 24 hours as a Smoker. I had about 3 hours and 7 cigarettes left before the stroke of midnight. I kept remembering my Brain would not let me forget my promises to myself, and all the others who would be laughing at me if they saw a cigarette in my mouth, my hand, ny shirt pocket... or anywhere within 50 feet, beginnng on July 5th and beyond. I had trapped myself into an agonizing dilemma, and there was no excuse for backing down.

I had smoked the last 7 cigarettes from my last pack, within 3 hours. My tongue felt on fire, and my breath must have scared away the mosquitos. I drank a glass of water, went to bed, and fell asleep within the hour. Promising myself before dozing off, that if I could make it 12 hours without a cigarete, I would be able to quit. Lots of smokers can last 12 hours between cigarettes, but I was already a chain smoker, on my own, without a nicotine patch or other anti smoking aid (like Nicorette gum). I was in no hurry to get out of bed, so morning came amd went. Sometime after the Noon hour, I realized I had made it almost 13 hours without a smoke.

One small victory leads to another. A fresh glass of water, a clean toothbrush with a minty flavord paste, and telling my brain that if I can go 24 hours without a cigarette, I could succeed in stopping forever. My brain listened. A bag of microwave popcorn, a cold beer from the fridge, and telephone calls from my support group kept me busy til bedtime. Lights out. I was sawing logs in my sleep before I knew it.

You will be surprised at how easy it was. No panic attacks, no remorse, no regrets and on the next morning (now the 6th), I pushed the envelope. Another glass of water, some peppermint lifesavers, and a checkbook where I could see the financial impact of my decision. Instead os spending between $50 and $100 dollars a week on cigarettes, I would be saving as much as $400 a month by not buying them. That is a healthy financial incentive. I had not gone 24 hours without a cigarette in many years, and here I was approaching 36 and then 48 hours. "I am going to succeed at this!", I told myself, and my brain reminded me, "If you can go 48 hours without a smoke, you can make it to 72." That was an encouraging reminder for me to not give up. It was reinforcement.

Keep pushing the envelope, keep raising the bar. If you can make it 12 hours without a cigarette, you can make it to 24. And, if you can make it 24 hours without smoking, you can extend it to 36 or 48 hours. Now the truth can be told. Once you reach 72 hours without a cigarette, you have succeeded. You will never need to smoke another cigarette the rest of your life!

Now start enjoying the rest of your life more as an ex-smoker. And please, do not bully others who can not give it up. After all, who among us wants to love forever?

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