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best horse race system

Thoroughbred Handicapping

Are you still seeking the very best horse racing system for handicapping thoroughbreds at the track or OTB facility? THE RIGHT STUFF is presently in use by more than 6,500 thoroughbred racing handicappers throughout Norrth America. Few other horse race handicapping methods, in the last quarter-centry, have received such overwhelming praise from hundreds of satisfied clients.

The Right Stuff betting system has proven its worth throughout North America for the past 25 years. It has been a reliable, time-tested, proven money maker since its first Public release in early 1992. It continues to pick winners, EVERY DAY, at raectracks throughout North America (which includes Canada).

Our Proven thoroughbred handicapping method has distinguished itself because of its remarkable day-to-day reliable results. This is rarely found among other racing systems. To help describe this amazing thoroughbred handicapping, proven horse race system, one must FIRST Understand what it is not.

This uniquely consistent thoroughbred betting system IS NOT:

After 25 years of Proven Results, THIS profitable betting system, thoroughbred handicapping method, STILL continues to deliver consistent winners:

But, there is no such thing as a perfect handicapping system, to beat the horse races! That is Absolutely Correct!

BUT, does this mean one can not be satisfied with a proven betting system that consistently picks 7 of 10 Win and Place winners (on average) in playable races?

HOWEVER, If Perfection is really So Important, This Means You will :
1) quit your boring job...
2) divorce your spouse...
3) put your kids up for adoption?

Nothing is PERFECT in This Life!

Want MORE information? CLICK MORE INFO. Read some Surprising, but TRUE, Testimonials from actual users who have been happily surprised with successful results.

This amazing PROVEN HORSE RACE SYSTEM takes only minutes to completely handicap an entire days card at any North American thoroughbred track, using ONLY the Daily Racing Form AND a Pencil. It is EASY to understand and quickly apply the rules. It takes LESS THAN thirty minutes to FULLY understand its concept, and understand WHY this race betting system produces so many good results.

The Right Stuff, the most successful horserace betting system ever developed, is truly unique in that it takes fewer than 5 MINUTES to handicap a single race on any card. Even a novice player can become a steady professional winner... ALMOST AT ONCE!

MANY seasoned horse race handicappers are Thrilled to consistently get 3 winners on a days' racecard. Using The Right Stuff system, one EXPECTS to average 70% SUCCESS when placing BOTH WIN and PLACE Bets on the contender who figures to be at its best on race day. You do not always get favorites either. Clients continue to report hitting long shots on a regular basis.

Follow Easy-to-Remember Rules and start winning money when placing exotic wagers offered at most thoroughbred race tracks. You will see, at a glance, which entries are best standouts, AFTER spending fewer than 5 minutes applying time-tested rules by following easy simple steps. Many clients from coast-to-coast, including Canada, are STILL reporting catching long shot winners paying off at 10-1, 20-1 and even higher odds on a regular basis!

Ready to place an order NOW? Send $40 (in US funds), by check or money-order payable to:

1726 Twin Brooks Dr. SE
Marietta, GA 30067-7865

ALL orders are processed within 24 hours... Immediately Upon Receipt. PLUS, as a BONUS, You will ALSO RECEIVE My Very Own Favorite Spot Play, The Right Price. It has JUST 4 SIMPLE RULES, yet delivers astonishing results at a consistent 50-60% clip.


This best horse race betting method applies ONLY to North American (including Canada) racetracks.

best horse betting system


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