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Many people today are looking for extra ways to make money to help with the bills or sock away for retirement.

Some people get second jobs, while others start a home business.

But a friend of mine has figured out a slightly unusual way to get a second paycheck without having to get an extra job or start a business. In fact, he told me that over the past twelve months this opportunity has paid out over 5 billion dollars to people like us.

The most unusual part about his money making secret is it does no’t require him to sell any products, talk with anyone on the phone, pester friends and family, or have to “work” any set hours.

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Quite frankly, what he does is one of the most amazing ways I ha’ve ever come across to earn a few extra hundred or even several thousand dollars each month, in your spare time without having to learn any new skills.

If you a’re looking to make money by earning extra cash for retirement, or to pay off some bills, I urge you to check out what my friend is doing. Even if it i’s not right for you, it may make sense for one of your family members or friends.

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