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The Economy is in crisis. Our Federal government has thrown good money after bad, nearly a TRILLION Dollars, hoping that something will work. All the so called brilliant government minds have put their heads together in desperate hope of stimulating the sinking economy.

Here is the bright idea they came up with to jump start the federal economy. You guessed it... federal grants. Our Government has approved the release of BILLIONS of dollars as FREE grants. A federal grant is NOT a loan. Grants are not repaid. There is no repayment plan. Government grants are not loans.

If you are an American citizen, and know WHERE to apply, then you are qualified to receive one-time grants being offered right now. You may even be able to qualify to receive this money over and over again. Here is a list of the available US DOLLAR amounts for:

* Business $135.5 Billion
* Housing $124.2 Billion
* Students $92.8 Billion
* Minorities $65.5 Billion
* Women $98.5 Billion
* Personal $192.3 Billion
* Research $91.7 Billion
* Community Dev $47.5 Billion
* Nonprofit Organizations $112 Billion

These free grant checks are in place specifically for people who need assistance paying bills, buying, or saving, a home, starting a business, going to school, taking care of aged loved ones, or even helping to raise their children. If you are an American citizen and know where to apply, you can get a government check in as little as 12 DAYS! Are you a citizen?

Get your piece of this money pie right now. Do you know where to apply? CLICK HERE!

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