How to Write an Effective Classified Ad!

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Certainly on the Internet, one expects to see instant results. More responses sooner, rather than later, is much preferred! With well over 5 BILLION web pages already on the Net, and many thousands more coming online every day, ones marketing reach must be promoted consistently, effectively, and in more than just a few places, in order to reach your online audience.

Here are some helpful marketing and advertising tips to help you avoid making some of the most commonly made mistakes by many business online marketers.

Tip #1 -
Don't expect to sell anything with the description in the ad copy. Ad copy must be crisp, concise, and appeal to the element of curiosity. Use catchy headlines (or titles) in your want ads to grab attention.

Tip #2 -
Compose your ad copy to create interest, and use action words to compel the reader to click on through to your site. Action words are used as phrases and can be as simple as saying "Click Here", "Act Now", "Limited Time Offer", or other word phrases which call for action.

Tip #3 -
Start your AD with "Killer Headlines" to grab the Readers attention. Take notice of some of the headlines you see when reading classified ads, either in your local newspaper - or on the Web. Those headlines which attract YOUR attention are the same ones you can use with your own offers. There are NO copyright protection laws regarding Classified Ads. Don't hesitate to use those headlines that apply to your own offer.

Tip #4 -
Be SURE to keep the ad copy Short and Simple. Use no more than 25 words, no matter how many words you may be allowed to use. No one expects to get ALL the information, at first glance, when reading classifieds. Many people are driven by curiosity and your primary message, in the BODY of the classified ad, should be intended to arouse interest and end with a ... "call for action"!

Tip #5 -
The KISS formula (keep it simple stupid) really works well as a tool for writing classified ads. Your business offer should be able to sell itself, once the reader takes the very next step and "clicks on through" to the "sales driven" web page.

In Summary:
Keep Your "Killer" Headline to 6 Words, or Less ...

Use short headlines such as : "Free Information on _____"

or, "What People Don't Know About ______ ", (fill in the blanks).

Choose to create interest in your ad in 25 words or less,

AND ALWAYS Include a "Call to Action" (click here, act now, hurry, don't delay, etc...)

Finally, Post Your Ad on as many classified sites on the Internet as you can find! Ad Blaster software, or other automated Classified Advertising tools, saves time and money.

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