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American Roulette - Winning Systems & Tips

The Red/Black system is perhaps one of the better known roulette gambling systems. Real bets are placed either on BLACK or RED, with a pay out of EVEN MONEY (1 to 1). Simply said, double your money on a win.

Keep in mind that your chances of winning each real betting challenge is just under 50/50, due to the fact that the 0 and 00 on the Wheel gives the house its advantage.

FIRST, One must choose a color and place a bet on either red or black. If you win, keep your winnings. Place your starting bet again, either on Black or Red. If you LOSE, double your stake and place a bet on the same color. If you played RED the first time, repeat the play. If this gambling system bet wins, your net result after two bets is the same as if you had won you initial bet. Keep your winnings.

Start anew by placing your original bet on either RED or BLACK. If your second bet loses, double your stake again, and continue doing this until your color does come up. At this point, your net win from the string of bets will be the same as if you had won your starting bet.

It does not take too many losing bets in a row for your bet amount to climb to quite a large number. Be aware of the table bet limits. If you reach this betting limit before having a win, you stand to lose a considerable sum.

The Five Number System calls for straight up inside bets which offer a payout of 35 to 1. You place your bets on five individual number choices. Do not forget: 0 and 00 are part of the inside numbers. You can wager on them. Pick any five numbers. They all have the exact same chance of winning. Find a table where the minimum bet is no more than $5 and buy forty $1 chips ($40). If you limit yourself to relatively small stakes you can not get hurt too badly.

With this winning gambling system, you want to get lucky two consecutive times. Start by placing one chip on each of your five chosen numbers. Repeat this same wager (on the SAME CHOICES) until you win. When you begin this roulette gambling system, you will have enough chips for eight tries. When the ball comes to rest on one of your selections, you win 35 chips. Divide the 35 chips by your five number fields. NOW, place seven chips on each of your five selections. If you hit again... the pay off will be 7 x 35 = $245.

No matter what the outcome, this was your last spin. Gamblers become smart NOT because they win, but because they know when to stop. Become a smart gambler by quitting when you make a big score, or when it seems nothing is going right.

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