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Congratulations! have been sent to the following top sites. Our Top Site Award was bestowed upon them for their valuable contribution to the Internet. Featured award winning websites are Family-friendly, Fast to Load, Safe for all Web Browsers, with Valued Content for their targeted audience. The World Wide Web would soon become an empty place to visit without Original, Creative Websites.

July 2018 Predicting the future of the Internet and Biotechnology.

Prices Law Master your productivity. Master your life.

Indie Hackers A few thousand people ready to help thousands of others. Free advice that is worth every minute of your time. Make games. Learn to code. See what kids have made.

June 2018

Creator Institute Learn how to unleash the creative power within. Directory of 800 numbers for all major companies. Recognize and address signs of stress in children. Adventures of Parenthood from a male perspective.

The Great American Read List of Americas 100 most loved books.

May 2018

Mental Floss Things you thought you knew, but can not explain.

Travel Off the Grid Experience travel destinations that truly transform.

Surviving Life An existential survivalist desperate for conversation. Anyone can become a Super Cook... it takes imagination.

Morning Brew Become smarter every day in just 5 minutes.

Visit our award winners and see for yourself why EACH was selected for WELL DESERVED RECOGNITION.

We enjoy recommending top sites that are fast loading, with original content, displaying cool graphics, and which have solid HTML code. If you feel your website qualifies, nominate it now for inclusion NEXT MONTH. No personal home pages, hate, nor offensive sites will be considered.

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